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      Album: Glamorest Life

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      Trina - 50_50 Música y Letra

      Uh-uh-uh-uhhh, uh-uh-uh-uhhh
      Sex is what I'm talkin 'bout, sex is what I'm talkin 'bout
      [Trey Songz]
      I'm not gon-na hold on no
      [Chorus 2X: Trey Songz + (Trina)]
      I ain't talkin 'bout a 70/30 (no way, no way)
      Or a 60/40 (uh-uh, uh-uh)
      Talkin 'bout a (50/50 when the room is empty)
      (And the clothes come off, I'm doin you and you doin me)
      First thangs first, Miss Trina, ducks all the lames in the game
      I'm quick to put a nigga to shame
      Fo' sayin my name, cause umm that'll get you nowhere
      but West Bubblefuck, with a kick in yo' nuts
      So if you wanna hit the guts, then you gotta play yo' cards right
      Go against the odds, cut me like I'm hard white
      I train bitches like Tyko
      To get the dick then the money out these niggaz goin psycho
      That's if you like a man, he kinda tight though (shit)
      I don't give a damn, I'm tryin to get you right though (what)
      Got vibes retired like David Rob
      Heartthrob forever, cute and thicker than ever
      Sheeeit, you know you need a chick like me
      Own cars, own house, own shit like me
      Uhh, see me and only me
      I'm the real Queen of this shit, truly yours, "Baddest Bitch"
      [Trey Songz]
      I'm not gon-na hold on no
      Uhh, you know I'm still in my prime
      So, give me some lovin I could feel in my spine
      And do it to me like you said you would
      Talk dirty but don't hurt me, do my body good
      Show me love and give me hugs, let me cop a squeeze
      Burn a few trees and let you get on top of me;
      strength on that D - freaky deaky in the bedroom
      I'm a lady by day by night I need my legroom
      Wanna let my hurr down - get a glass of Chardonnay
      I don't mean to drink it fast but homey pardon me
      Calm your nerves I got you shakin hyperventilatin
      Lack of preperation and waitin for the penetration
      Concentratin with every moment when we have relations
      Sensations give me temptations, so gimme more ain't no limitation
      We lovemakin in the late night
      Ain't goin home 'til the daylight - so fuck me right nigga
      [Trey Songz]
      I'm not gon-na hold on no
      [Chorus w/ ad libs to fade]

      Trina - 50_50 Música y Letra





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