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      Cirque Du Soleil

      Action Bronson

      Album: Well-Done

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      Action Bronson - Cirque Du Soleil Música y Letra

      Verse: Action Bronson]
      One of the few dogs that pulled through the Mike Vick fia...
      Yo my fault man, my fault
      One of the few dogs that pulled through the Mike Vick fiasco
      Heart of a lion with the strength, straight outta Glasgow
      Pudzianowski, known to let the guns loose
      Everybody smoking cigarettes in jump suits
      Kosovo to the basement of your building
      Terrible dentistry, gold in every filling
      Cut ‘em a deal bet they let you bring the crills in(?)
      No English, kill mad kitchen knives concealed in
      The staircase is where we earn the degree
      The lawsuits on the fine flesh feeding the fiend
      Light Caesar-covered skull
      Eyes are like the ocean blue
      Stay fly, rock outfits that’s emotional
      Nice shirt, crazy hat, mean jacket
      Orange drugs if you’re reppin’ for the team clappin’
      With the capillaries, big gun, Tackleberry
      Tell the preacher at the chapel get the casket ready
      Two seven’s hit the third one on the river
      Chicken liver dinner have your Jewish mother sitting shiva
      ‘Cause the kid was a putz
      Hit the clutch, spin the tires ‘til they smoke disappear into the dust, uh
      Dive in the muff break the pussy like an Asian cookie
      You the type to shave your face to make your anus bushy
      Tie a knot in your shirt right by your stomach
      You make me wanna vomit, steady getting blunted
      The diesel sweet and sour, the blunt vanilla
      Twist it to perfection, gentle hands, still a guerrilla
      I’m at the villa, ’97 D’elegance
      The Pelican Brief, you rapping with irrelevance
      Hard to kill, call me Mason Storm
      Your basic elevate my skills to the type of shit that Gracie’s on
      Omaplata, guard your nose, Haloti Ngata
      Total knocker, seldom sipping Stoli Vodka
      Making maneuvers for myself out on a late night
      The year been great right? Trying to get the plate right
      ‘Cause I’m a hunter like a great white
      And a performer, never stage fright
      I’m outta Flushing, Queens
      Shoot your gun if you love the smell of money
      Love the taste of good weed, vintage in your tummy
      Love a bitch with good puss diggin’ in her bunny
      Peace to gettin’ money, peace to gettin’ money
      Yeah, Flushing, Queens. Outdoorsmen shit
      Yeah, Action Statik Selektah shit
      Kill yourself now

      Action Bronson - Cirque Du Soleil Música y Letra






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