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      Thug Love

      Thug Love

      50 Cent

      Album: Power Of The Dollar

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      50 Cent - Thug Love Música y Letra

      [50 Cent]
      What y'all know about this fab shit, huh?
      TE baby come on, uh-huh Trackmasters uh-huh
      Look we can shop together mama, his and hers
      Fifth Av. shit baby, Fendi furs
      I ain't tight with the chips girl
      I'm down to splurge
      If it's ice you like I'll light up your life (Ooh)
      VS2 Clarity alright
      I play the block I ain't the type to punch your clock
      I'm the type to put the metal to the floor in the drop
      I live life in the fast lane
      I make a grove of hash
      Hustle hard for cash so I can spoil that ass
      It's like she loves me, she loves me not
      Cause her friends pump her head hull of bullshit alot
      I gave jewels I imported for her
      Chanel bags I bought from boosters
      To the hood I introduced her
      She feisty every now and then she wanna fight me
      People saying if I get knocked she ain't gon write me
      The sick part is all that bullshit excites me
      [1 - Destiny's Child]
      A thug's what I want
      A thug's what I need
      Even though my friends don't seem to see
      That he lace me with money
      He knows when I want it
      And I'm never gonna leave my baby
      My thugged out no good baby
      [50 Cent]
      Ay yo I treat you like you need to be treated like you're special
      Tie your hands to the bedpost when I caress you
      When I met you it was Guess and Gap
      Now it's Gucci and Prada
      Took you from being a nine to being a dime
      You complain that we don't spend time
      When I'm OT on the grind going hard for mine
      Yo when shorty say she hate me
      You know she mean she love me
      When she play me close at the bar
      That mean she want some Bubbly
      See my polying with another chick and shit get ugly
      She wanna flip threaten to run keys across my whip
      Try to burn a nigga with some Hominy Grits
      That's how she on it
      When I met her she was lowkey
      Now she wanna OD
      You know me I let her do her thing son
      I say what I'm feeling
      Niggas say that I'm illing
      I sip Cristy so I'm pissy
      Like a staircase in your building
      [Repeat 1 (2x)]
      [Repeat 1 & 2 till end]
      [2 - Beyonce]
      A thug is what I want
      And a thug is what I need
      And my friends don't understand
      How my baby laces me
      A thug is what I want
      And a thug is what I need
      And my friends don't understand
      And I think its jealousy

      50 Cent - Thug Love Música y Letra





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