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      Da Repercussions

      Da Repercussions

      50 Cent

      Album: Power Of The Dollar

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      50 Cent - Da Repercussions Música y Letra

      Uh huh, Uh huh, five, five, one... it's real shit nigga
      You niggas say somethin' slick, you'll get SLAPPED for that
      You niggas schemin' on some jewels, you'll get CLAPPED for that
      If ya'll niggas want war, I got the MACK for that
      Run up with some work, and get your head CRACKED for that
      [Verse 1]
      Nigga if a nickel bag sold in the park, I want in on it
      The bullshit I'm in right now nigga, I've been on it (yeah)
      If I don't eat, nobody eat, code of the street
      No surrender, no retreat, my niggas rollin' with heat (woo)
      You'll know my stees, I spark trees, under palm trees
      Feel a breeze, and fees, in expanded keys
      Cop it straight from the bay, tap dance on the yay
      Your people make a G day, you ain't rich, you just ok
      I take the stand under oath and lie
      Before I snitch on my clique, I'll fry
      Or watch time go by
      Niggas want to steal slabs, and dib or dab 
      In the posse, who steals from the hands that feed 'em, deserve to die
      [Chorus - 2X]
      [Verse 2]
      You gettin' money nigga (yeah), you dimed out (yeah)
      Well 50 Cent is the hottest shit out this (yeah)
      You bust your gun nigga (yeah), you on the run nigga (yeah)
      You treat a grown man, like he ya son (nigga)
      Yo, I ain't the first parolee, to catch his nigga for his rolee
      And after being on the street, less than a week
      Look, niggas who know me, know I'm up to no good
      Man my fan base is spreading like HIV in the hood
      Why smack a nigga silly, when I can squeeze the nilly (squeeze that shit)
      A slug'll split a niggas ass, worst than the philly
      I stay with the heater, cut the D with Bonita
      My wifey kept acting up, so I had to leave her
      It hurted when I left, but I knew I didn't need her
      If it wasn't for my seed, I wouldn't even hafta see her
      She tried to front like she don't need me, she miss me, believe me
      It's that soap opera shit, the bitch watch too much TV
      [Chorus - 2X]
      [Verse 3]
      Aight you niggas tryin' to do too much (STOP FRONTIN')
      Them little bit of chips you got son, (AIN"T NOTHIN')
      I seen you with your whip outside (YOU STUNTIN')
      You spent your last on that (YOU AIN'T HOLDIN' NOTHIN')
      Rap niggas, they actin' like they ready to flip
      When I let off a clip, it ain't a part of the script
      Its like tradition, rap niggas, dyin' they whips
      So I spent a little chips, to bulletproof my shit
      You a 6 coupe nigga, but you gears behind
      Nigga yours a 92, mine's a 99
      Your not in my league, the ghetto taught me tools to succeed
      Shallow up a seed, I'll write it down so you can read
      If you've been listening, I know you've been loving what I said
      If not you dumb fuck, I just run over your head
      [Chorus - 2X]

      50 Cent - Da Repercussions Música y Letra





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