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      No Heart

      No Heart

      21 Savage

      Album: Savage Mode

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      21 Savage - No Heart Música y Letra

      Young Savage, why you trappin' so hard?
      Why these niggas cappin' so hard?
      Why you got a 12 car garage?
      Why you pullin' all these rappers cards?
      'Cause these niggas pussy and I'm hard
      I turn that fuckin' soft into some hard
      I grew up in the streets without no heart
      I'm prayin' to my Glock and my carbon
      I sit back and read like Cat in the Hat
      21 Savage, the cat with the MAC
      21 Savage not Boyz N The Hood
      But I pull up on you, shoot your ass in the back
      Stuart Little, heard these niggas some rats
      Pockets full of cheese, bitch I got racks
      I'm a real street nigga, bitch
      I am not one of these niggas bangin' on wax
      Pussy niggas love sneak dissin'
      'Til I pull up on 'em, slap 'em out with the fire
      Wet your mama's house, wet your grandma's house
      Keep shootin' until somebody die
      So many shots the neighbor looked at the calendar
      Thought it was Fourth of July
      You was with your friends playin' Nintendo
      I was playin' 'round with that fire
      Seventh grade I got caught with a pistol, sent me to Panthersville
      Eighth grade started playin' football
      Then I was like fuck the field
      Ninth grade I was knocking niggas out
      Nigga like Holyfield
      Fast forward nigga, 2016
      And I'm screaming fuck a deal
      Bad bitch with me, she so thick
      I don't even need a pill
      I listen to your raps, thought you was hard
      You ain't even street for real
      Niggas love sneak dissin' on Twitter
      They don't want beef for real
      And all these niggas play like they tough
      'Til a nigga get killed
      'Til a nigga get spilled, 'til your blood get spilled
      I'ma at your favorite rapper, shoot him like I'm John Dill'
      "I been with you since day one
      Savage I ain't even hatin'"
      So what's up with all that Instagram shit?
      "Savage I was just playin'"
      Y'all pussy niggas fakin'
      Bitch I hang around them Haitians
      Pull up on you, tie your kids up
      Pistol whip you while your bitch naked
      "Come on man, Savage you know I always play your mixtape"
      Yeah, nigga fuck all that, ask your bitch how my dick tastes

      21 Savage - No Heart Música y Letra





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