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      La La La La

      La La La La

      Mac Miller

      Album: Unreleased

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      Mac Miller - La La La La Música y Letra

      I'm going in after hitting this ganja
      out to dinner with the hommies grab a table at the comma
      I'm a
      new millennium Sinatra
      cop a marijuana from your neighborhood rosters
      king of the new school
      I'm speaking in tongues
      try translating voodo
      hold up
      let me start again
      undefeated shirt, Levis, and a Mr. Rogers cardigan
      is a hella of a feeling being this fresh
      bitch seem to sit upon my lips call it blistex
      peddling this medical
      the presence of a general
      magazine centerfolds
      they all up on my genitals
      got the game in the palm of my hands
      he snitching wilding out better talk to your man
      he bitching cause i ain't got a lot time for this weirdos
      talking shit all up in my ear lobes
      i just live life
      tryin do it right
      everyone that hear me say the boy super nice
      put a bitch up on the flight
      she going be here by the night
      get some afternoon delight
      only eat it if it's ripe
      call me Stanely steamer I'll be giving her the pipe
      when i'm out of town she wanna see me so we skype
      she might get obsessed and keep calling
      30,000 feet tom petty free falling
      just laying back letting gravity take it's course
      i wanna tell all of my haters the we made it boy
      from basement studios to some official shit
      from stressed out all the time to i don't give a shit
      used to dream about it
      boy now I'm living it
      412 is the most dope syndicate
      had a normal life but now i'm sick of it
      try and spend money just to spend it is ridiculous
      young and so mischievous

      Mac Miller - La La La La Música y Letra






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