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      Album: Real Talk

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      Fabolous - Breathe Música y Letra

      One and then the two
      Two and then the three
      Three and then the four
      Then you gotta breathe
      One and then the two
      Two and then the three
      Three and then the four
      Then you gotta breathe
      Then you gotta (gasp)
      Then you gotta (gasp)
      [hook i]
      Yo these niggaz can't breathe when I come through, hum too
      Some shoes, gotta be 20 man
      It's not even funny they can't breathe
      The choke holds too tight
      The left looks too right
      You know what? you right
      These bitches can't breathe
      [hook ii]
      Look look, they hearts racin'
      They start chasin'
      But I'm so fast when I blow past
      That they can't breathe
      In the presence of the man
      Your future looks better than ya past if you present with the man
      You betta breathe
      You niggaz can't share my air
      Or walk a mile in the pair I wear
      And I'm gettin better year by year
      Like they say juan do
      Cops couldn't smell me if you brought the canines through
      And I pace myself
      I know these money hungry bitches wanna taste my wealth
      But I keep em' on a diet
      Embrace they health
      Or either keep em' on a quiet
      And space myself
      And just take a deep breath
      I got em' grabbin' they chest
      Cuz it's hurtin' em' to see fab in his best
      And they in they worst
      They rather see me lay in the hearse than lay in the back
      And I ain't just layin a verse
      I'm sayin the facts
      I came back with some sicka stones
      That got these broke niggaz lookin at me like they chokin' on a chicken bone
      Every chick I bone
      Can't leave the dick alone
      So I know
      It's one of them everytime I flip my phone
      [hook i]
      [hook ii]
      I see em on the block when I passes
      Lookin like they need oxygen mask-es
      I make it hard to breathe
      But I keep the glocks in the stashes
      Cuz the cops wanna lock and harass us
      And make it hard to breathe
      They has to react
      Like havin' a asthma attack
      When they see the plasma in back
      You dudes are wheezin' behind me
      My flow is like a coupe, breezin at 90
      That's the reason they signed me
      It's quick metaphors and hard punches on the cuts
      Feels somethin' like hard punches to the gut
      How I address the haters and under estimaters
      And ride up on them like they escalators
      They shook up and hooked up to respirators
      On they last breath talking to investigators
      I'm a breath of fresh air
      And a fresh pair
      Face it boo and do it till your face get blue
      And then breathe
      [hook i]
      [hook ii]
      When the crew walk in it
      Pop a few corks in it
      As quick as a tick in a new york minute
      Catch a breath, fore you catch a left
      Even worse, catch a tef
      Only way you catch a f
      To the a-b, its in the maybe
      Rollin with my baby
      Grippin on a toy that you won't find in +kaybee+
      I rhyme slick on ya
      I'm a have to put the heimlich on ya
      What you know bout lettin' dimes lick on ya?
      While you inhale the weed
      And it won't stop till they inhale ya seed
      And it don't stop I tell em' to breathe
      Like a doctor with a stethoscope
      I don't see no fuckin hope
      Unless these motherfuckers breathe
      Yeah, brooklyn gotta
      Uptown gotta
      The bronx gotta
      Queens gotta
      Staten isle gotta
      You niggas gotta
      You bitches gotta
      Everybody breathe
      One and then the two
      Two and then the three
      Three and then the four
      Then you gotta.. breathe
      Then you gotta..
      Then you gotta..
      Oh* breathe
      Oh* breathe
      Oh* breathe

      Fabolous - Breathe Música y Letra





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