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      Turn It Up

      Turn It Up

      Busta Rhymes

      Album: When Disaster Strikes

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      Busta Rhymes - Turn It Up Música y Letra

      Verse 1:
      We grind ya'll
      bounce back, open your mind ya'll
      grind your whole ass till you twist your waistline
      ya'll know the time
      hey yo feel the base line
      stack the overdrive
      bounce, baby feel the incline
      so geniune, everytime, busta redefine
      the wicked knew the dime
      makin ya'll press rewind
      hope you feelin fine
      watch me combine and intertwine
      the bounce rock skates make you cross the foul line
      shine a nickel nine
      on all kinds of little swine
      stick the worst of porcupine
      if you tryin to take mine
      yo, pick up my nigga splif
      in the blue 5s's
      sportin out tan, interior blue head restses
      move, baby no time for second guesses
      been articulate the right bounce as the flow finesses
      yo we gettin papers spreadin love and happiness's
      shit blazin so hot dj's scratch the test presses
      like make it mo hot baby *chorus comes in*
      Turn it up, i wanna hear it real loud, just
      turn it up, so we can party in the loft, baby
      turn it up, we need to tear the roof off, so just
      turn it up, i need to make it mo hot, baby
      (repeat first three lines, finish with 'turn it up')
      Verse 2:
      Yo, word is bond
      baby let's get it on
      i never say it wrong
      yo baby girl take off your thong
      let me put it in your spirit like the holy kyron
      got the mega song
      sweet like honey chicken dijon
      movin along
      yo, honey body look real strong
      watch your ass swing
      hangin like a medallion
      exercise baby let me see you spread on the floor
      what you askin for?
      relax, i'm bout to give you some more
      where the liquor store?
      hit you with some more metaphor
      the raw, hot to def shit you never seen it before
      hit the deck, on your mark, get set, we bout to jet
      spark it like ingelet, chickens breakin their neck
      yo we play to win
      such a shame, shit is a sin
      so hot baby body heat bubble your skin
      everytime i flow speak
      i caress the whole beach
      just like the body guard les straight walkin the street
      we get down
      Verse three:
      Yo, come on baby just feel my heat wave
      a lot of hot ones ready for niggas that act brave
      chill son, you better off if you behave
      flip money while broke niggas tryin to save
      lay low, i say so, my pesos
      import my cheese stack by the castros
      make clothes
      or stay fly a chase hoes
      equatorians soft lips and straight nose
      makin dough
      when we rippin the paid show
      get the money and dip, we in the range rove
      now we makin grands
      we name brand
      we make plans, change plans
      then we expand across land
      do it properly
      yo, i said open sesame
      the recipe, be the hot shit, it's got to be
      yo, landscape
      we arrange a whole shape
      rock the fly tape
      then i continue to skyscrape
      like blah!!!!!!!!!!!
      so hot

      Busta Rhymes - Turn It Up Música y Letra





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